Cyber Crime Protection is a proactive process of saving your reputation and your organisation.

It is a recognition that you always have to be aware of potential issues and problems. It’s not a case of IF you get hacked- but WHEN you get hacked.

Cyber Threat Intelligence and Assessment Service

Our cyber intelligence assessments use our unique combination of open and closed source intelligence feeds designed to detect threats outside of your normal working environment. These feeds provide a comprehensive analysis of the potential source of an attack, the likely methods and techniques that can be used by an attacker, and the potential impact on a business.

All of our cyber threat intelligence & assessment services are conducted on site, in our SIOC, by our experienced and trained intelligence analysts.

Our intelligence monitoring and reporting service will follow our tiered pricing service approach, with
our other bespoke offerings provided as one-off packages.

Cyber Security Compliance Checks

Our intelligence assessment service extends into  tailored compliance and due diligence checking. This service utilises the capabilities of our Threat Intelligence Platform and the skills of our analysts, to provide a range and depth of unique checks for our clients.

Cyber Security Monitoring and Alerting Service

Our intelligence monitoring service will be based on an agreed pre-defined client ‘asset list’ customised to meet the needs of the organisation.

A monthly report will be produced within 5 working days after the monitoring period. The report will
focus on the client’s risk areas, plus a broad analysis of the global client sector, identifying common threats and known techniques, tactics and procedures, used by potential attackers.

It is appreciated that any potential indicator of compromise or threat to an organisation may need to be alerted to the client as quickly as possible. Our Intelligence Alerts, categorised as HIGH impact by our analysts and the client, will be notified within 4 hours of discovery (within SIOC operating hours).

Cyber Security Intelligence Investigations

Our intelligence investigations package is an optional capability that provides detailed technical analysis of any of the monthly customer findings and/or alerts. These deep-dives provide the technical findings, discovered digital footprints and proposed remediation actions contained into a stand-alone report.

The SIOC will provide an automated monitoring capability on a 24 hour basis, with our cyber analysts operating during normal UK business hours (0830 – 1700hrs).

Our fees start from £75 per check and from £995 for 50 monitored assets

Retailers, telecoms groups and internet companies, including Target, TalkTalk and Yahoo, have already had to pay the price for weak defences.

But in some ways, they got off easy.

Most of the stolen passwords were old and the account details rarely included immediately usable information. At most, the hacks involved theft of credit card numbers, which come with fraud defences.

So customers have rarely felt much need to hold hacked companies accountable. Yahoo, for example, seems to have suffered very little drop off in customer loyalty after announcing the first of two giant hacks, although the jury is still out after the second one.

However professional services firms will not be so lucky.

Banks and companies pay extremely high prices for outside advice. They expect professionalism and confidentiality in return. Getting hacked is hardly a strong recommendation of either.

Faced with a choice of several firms who invested in cyber defences that were strong enough to withstand a pointed attack, and some who did not, which would you choose?

You may not lose a lot of money directly by being hacked- but the loss of your reputation may be more valuable. Ask yourself- how many new customers do you think that Mossack Fonseca- the Panama Papers consultants have signed up recently?

If you want to save yourself stress, money and a damaged reputation from a cyber incident – for a cyber security incident prevention, protection and training please ring us now on 03333 393 139 or email or complete the form on our contact page NOWContact Cyber 139