About Cyber 139

Cyber 139 was founded after helping a number of organisations including the Ministry of Defence with their website security and cyber protection since 2004.

Having witnessed the growing complexity and increasing numbers of cyber attacks he developed a cyber security frame work having passed a number of University internet and cyber security courses from:


Kings College, London Open university  Deakin University
Kings College, London Open University Deakin University


Now not only is it increasingly becoming a case of not IF but WHEN you get hacked- but the dangers are now escalating to will your organisation actually survive a cyber attack?

Cyber attackers are continually evolving their techniques and capabilities to steal and monetise data in new ways, which means the goalposts are continually moving. So you need constant monitoring, updates and 24/7/265 protection.

Ransomware is fast becoming the most popular form of cyber crime

Ransomware that encrypts victims’ data and demands payment in return for restoring it is fast becoming the most popular way for cyber criminals to make money.

The biggest concern about ransomware for enterprises is that it will stop business operations. With continuity in mind, some enterprises are even setting up bitcoin wallets to be able to pay ransoms quickly and minimise the impact on business continuity.

This idea of continuity is really stupid, because not only does it not solve the long trem problem- it is actually making the problem worse by encouraging criminal behaviour.

If you want to save yourself stress, money and a damaged reputation from a cyber incident – for a cyber security incident prevention, protection and training please ring us now on 03333 393 139 or email assist@cyber139.com or complete the form on our contact page NOWContact Cyber 139