Cyber crime prevention is much cheaper and easier than curing a cyber attack.

Our near neigbours at GCHQ suggest changing your mindset from “what happens IF I get hacked” to “what happens WHEN I get hacked”.

Continuous Cyber Security Protective Monitoring

We combine industry leading intrusion detection with an advanced security information and event monitoring system, tailored to meet the needs of small businesses.

Your website activity is monitored in real time to detect and alert malicious activity. You are provided with a monthly report produced by our experienced and trained intelligence analysts.

Our affordable monitoring is scalable within any organisation supporting 1-150 devices.

Our Continuous Cyber Security Protective Monitoring services are priced at £12 a month per device

If you want to save yourself stress, money and a damaged reputation from a cyber incident – for a cyber security incident prevention, protection and training please ring us now on 03333 393 139 or email or complete the form on our contact page NOWContact Cyber 139